Villas & historic houses

Let yourself experience unique moments in the amazing villas and historical houses with their splendid gardens spread on the territory.

Built between the XV and the XIX century, the Piana di Lucca’s villas and historic houses are patrimony of the rich families in Lucca and each one of them has its unique character.

An indispensable element

The villas of Lucca are an unmistakable element of the landscape of the Piana di Lucca. It is the combination of these historic residences with their tree-lined avenues leading up to the entrance, the landscape of vineyards and olive groves, and the woods surrounding them that makes them a must-see. Each villa has its own particular character: the familiar Villa Bernardini, the aristocratic Villa Torrigiani, the legendary Villa Mansi, the Villa Reale in Marlia court of Princess Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, the Renaissance Villa Grabau and Villa Oliva.