Tailor-made stays

Plan your stay in the Piana di Lucca!

The Piana di Lucca has the perfect ingredients for a unique and unforgettable experience!.
the Piana di Lucca offers a unique system in Tuscany, capable of uniting art, culture, nature, food and wine, music and traditions to meet the requirements and recognize the increasingly complex and differentiated interests of the modern traveler.

Think about what travel experience you want to have.
We will help you create it!

Whether you already have in mind where to go, or are just eager to go, or are looking for memorable proposals, we are ready to listen to your dreams and make your wishes come true with customized services for you, such as a personal guide, private transfers, itineraries created around your actual interests, excursions, events and shows, and exclusive hotels.

We will research the best situations and locations according to your specific needs, organize the travel program according to your ideas, bringing to it all our experience and creativity. A tailor-made trip is not just the destination, but it is an atmosphere that should be created around your person.

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