Sports & nature

Beautiful gardens and natural resources make the Piana di Lucca an ideal destination for active tourism.

Let yourself discover the Piana di Lucca’s many natural sites and treasures, such as the Serchio River, the Pizzorne Plateau, Monte Pisano as well as numerous wetland areas and natural oases, from the WWF Oasi del Bottaccio to the Oasi della Sibolla, one of the most characteristic biotype wetlands in Tuscany.

Experiences available

A winning combination for a stay that recharges you

The morphological variety of the territory of the Piana di Lucca and its location between the sea and the mountains offers opportunities for active tourism for adults and children, in every season. They can try their hand at climbing, caving, country walks, rafting, hang gliding, hot air balloon flights, and bicycle routes. In addition, local environmental guides accompany both young and old unveiling all the naturalistic, man-made and cultural aspects of the area.