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A famous paper eco-district along the Via Francigena

Porcari is renowned for being a famous paper eco-district, producing one of the highest-quality Italian products. Located on the banks of the ancient Lake of Sesto, it is an unmissable stop along the stretch of the Via Francigena.

Torretta, an area of almost 9 hectares transformed into a nature park, covered with pines, strawberry trees, oaks, and other botanical species, offers an amazing view over the entire Piana di Lucca. At the highest point of the hill, remains the “little tower house”, a watchtower with a view over the passage between Lake Bientina and the last offshoots of the Apennines, which was crossed by pilgrims on their way to Rome.

Some significant churches are to be discovered in Porcari, such as the San Giusto church, an imposing marble building with a majestic bell tower, as well as the church dedicated to the Nativity of Santa Maria Santissima, dating back to the Middle Age, where it is possible to admire a 16th century painting depicting the “Crowned Madonna and Saints”.

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