Food & wine

Taste the high quality gastronomy and wine, and learn about the Piana di Lucca’s rich culinary tradition, encompassing recipes handed down through time.

Let yourself discover through unique experiences the numerous products that mark the Piana di Lucca as a foodies’ favourites, such as Altopascio’s bread, Montecarlo’s D.O.C. wines and olive oil.

Experiences available

When nature and culture intertwine, they produce admirable landscapes that instill well-being.

The Piana di Lucca and its hills are the origin of the unmistakable flavor of a rich culinary tradition, which still offers recipes handed down through generations. The Vine and olive landscapes, the terraces and yearly crops are the ingredients of a cuisine, which the whole world knows and appreciates. A journey that can also be taken… “with your legs under the table”…., to discover the simple and fragrant flavor of Altopascio bread, the aromas of DOC wines, the scents of extra virgin olive oil and the other mouth-watering products which make the Piana di Lucca a gourmet destination.