Experience Provider

Local Operators

The Piana di Lucca was born in 2022 as a booking platform for experiences and tourist packages created by the DMC (Destination Management Company) Piana di Lucca.

Joining the DMC and offering your experience on the Piana di Lucca Platform will be an indisputable advantage for you. You will be able to increase your business opportunities and reach new enthusiasts to sell your products to.

Become part of a community of committed operators eager to have an impact on the entire territory, in an atmosphere of team and unity around a common objective: to make everyone aware of the beauty and authenticity of the area.

Through the “Piana di Lucca” platform, you can:

  • Expand your brand’s reach internationally, thanks to the opening of new markets. You will benefit from our presence at national and international trade fairs
  • Communicate and promote your services through the platform and our official social accounts
  • Get easily in contact with a target audience
  • Cooperate and create synergies with other local operators
  • Membership is free

The DMC Piana di Lucca provides the following services:

  • Advisory on creation of tourist offers
  • Communication and marketing support
  • Expansion into new markets and business ventures
  • Participation in national and international trade fairs

Are you an operator in the Piana di Lucca and do you want to collaborate with us? Become our partner!