Unique place


An enchanting city renowned for its impressive villas

The charming city of Capannori occupies a large part of the Piana di Lucca, with an area that ranges from the Pizzorne Plateau to Monte Pisano. The town counts  40 hamlets and is renowned for its incredible and refined historical villas, disseminated on its territory, such as Villa Torrigiani, Villa Reale and Villa Mansi.

With its numerous medieval parish churches, such as the old San Gennaro Parish church, or the San Cristoforo church in Lamarri, the town of Capannori is an amazing place to visit for art lovers.

The town is renowned for the annual blooming of 1000 species of Camellia, which have been grown since the end of the 17th century in Sant’Andrea di Compito, also known as Borgo delle Camelie.

Capannori is one of the most important cities in Italy for enthusiasts of hot air balloons, celebrated every year on the occasion of the Air Festival, an event during which competitions, children’s workshops, hot air balloon flights, and exhibitions are held.

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