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Let yourself be surprised by the wealthy cultural and architectural heritage of the Piana di Lucca, one of the most important and beloved art destinations in Tuscany.

Discover the roads of the cities and hamlets of the Piana di Lucca and its many churches, built in a Romanesque-Lucchese architectural style and renowned for their rich sculptural ornamentation, as well as castles, fortresses, towers, and fortifications, testimony of the territory’s glorious history.

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The Piana di Lucca preserves traces of the civilizations which inhabited it, and the intelects that enriched it. Tucked among the fields, the archaeological park of the Hundred Roman Farms is one of the archaeological finds that harkens back to the time of Roman colonization. Then there is the historic center of Lucca, founded precisely in that era, and which is the result of continuous mutation along with the indisputable centuries of art, economic activities and culture. And from here, again, the tale continues in the paths in the hills where, from one parish church to another, we retrace the steps of the pilgrims along the Francigena route to the great monastic complex of Altopascio and the bell tower of the church of San Jacopo with its bell which is called the “Smarrita.”